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Jul 14, 2015 at 10:11 AM

Asset Intra-company Transfer


Dear Friends,

We are using new GL. Our requirement is to have profit-center wise financial statements. For this purpose we have maintained the organizational unit cost center as time-independent. This means that whenever cost center is changed in the asset master, automatically an FI document would be posted on the related profit centers. For e.g. consider an asset ABC01 that has cost center FINANCE belonging to profit center HO. If now the cost center is changed to PLANT1 belonging to profit center BRANCH, then an FI document would be posted as below:

Asset APC a/c Cr ---- profit center HO

Asset APC a/c Dr ---- profit center BRANCH

Asset Acc Dep a/c Dr --- profit center HO

Asset Acc Dep a/c Cr --- profit center BRANCH

This is happening correctly. The only problem is that by default the posting date for the above document is being taken as today's date. We want the posting date to be one when the actual transfer took place which could be few days ago.

Can you please advice how this transfer posting date can be controlled.

Thanks & Regards,