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Jul 13, 2015 at 11:17 AM

LSO - Request based correspondence not triggering


Dear pals,

I'm implementing LSO for a client and facing a problem with Request Based Correspondence.

The learner's request is approved by the manager and the course is available in training list of learner. Since it development testing, I had created test PERNRs with email IDs in IT0105 and attached the same in SU01 also.

However when in go-to LSO_PP40 and select the learner and "create request" the transaction just holds there. It never triggers the forms (I have attached booking confirmation form delivered by SAP standard). The transaction keeps on processing and nothing happens.

I have gone through the configuration steps many time to confirm that I have done the right thing (comparing with SAP LSO 6.00 Correspondence configuration guide and experts opinions). The back-end configuration seems to be fine.

I reported the same to BASIS consultant to check the SCOT and SOST. Since it is development client they have done SCOT configuration for SMTP but maintained the configuration as '*'. Other SCOT setup mentioned in config guide is also there. Hence in Dev I should at least see the request in SOST. But it is not there.

I have switched on the trace option in configuration for correspondence. Is there any basic check-list for BASIS setup to test at-least the request is queued in SOST ?

Or is it a problem with the form attached - which is preventing from triggering. However its SAP standard, I have copied from client 000 to dev client. I'm not able to get the root-cause of the issue.

Has somebody faced similar issue ? If so, what was the root cause ?