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Jul 13, 2015 at 07:00 AM

PI7.11 Archiving and logging


Hello expert:

Background: table sxmspmast, sxmsclur, sxmsclup get growing in customer's productive system, i affect the execution of monitor message with tcode: sxi_monitor. especially both table sxmsclur and sxmsclup are more then 20G based on system persist data in database for 2 weeks. all interfaces are using sync mode, parameter LOGGING_SYNC is set to "1"。data volume per day is 500,000. so i give them some opinions about reduce data volume. using archiving or switching procedure may speed up write and read on database. but i have a couple of questions about PI7.11 archiving either in ABAP or in JAVA stack.


1. PI couldn't do archiving for sync messages? if not, how to archive sync message instead of deletion in abap stack.

2. switch procedure could replace archive functionality? it will affect performance daily operation on database? since we did test on Q system, but copying failed, then restarted. so fail often happen?

3. customer don't want to reduce retention period about synchronous message, log are not stored in sender or receiver, so they reply on pi to search the message or verify if data-self are correct or are transferred to target system. this point couldn't be changed so far. they have to use pi to record log. do you guys have good idea to resolve this case?

4. i suggest them to use AAE to reconstruct scenario, after verify all scenarios, AAE is adopted their all of scenarios, so my questions, in case of all scenarios are switched into AAE mode, they face same question about syn messages's retention. i searched java properties on XPI: messgeing system in NWA. only three parameters are available for setting(messaging.syncMessageRemover.removeBody, checkInterval, and messageCount), it looks like not to persist sync messages into DB as customer expected. do they have to upgrade PI 7.11 to PI7.4 ?

5. about upgrade, they have 190 interfaces, how long does it take to do upgrade or migration?

sorry for a lots of questions, but the purpose of questions is about how to reduce data storage in DB , do you have good idea?

Thanks your reading