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Jul 11, 2015 at 08:05 AM

Sap Mobile app with IOS8.3 throws an error message as Certificate authority


Hello Experts,

Sap --Mobile

Mobile app version:1.11.1


Sap-Integration framework


SAP Servr:SAP 9.0Pl4

I am fed up with setting and configuration,However i have been configured and delivered to client at the time of ios7.But now i am facing with one problem that is

Error Message " The Certificate for this server was not issued by a trusted certificate authority. The Connection to the server is disabled. Contact your IT Administrator for more details"

Steps followed for mobile app:

1.DeviceId= Wifi Address



Steps followed for Integration Framework:

1.SLD connections are Succesfull.

2.SAP B1 Mobile Scenario package activated

3.Troubleshooted the required columns and all button colors are green.

Generated the certificated by following the Troubleshooting document

1. Installed in Mobile

2.Installed in System

Every time i get the same message,how could i resolve the solution,Help would be needed and i worked almost for 2 days regarding the same.

Help would be appreciated..

Doubt and query:In Mobile WIFI DHCP (IP addess is not pinging the sap installed serever)

Help me out!!!


Vijay Kumar parishe