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Jul 10, 2015 at 01:46 PM

SAP ITS Mobile Application on Wavelink Browser


Hello everyone,

We have developed a custom ITS mobile application for Warehouse management (LM*) transactions.

We have customized our service to display correctly on Internet explorer by:

1. Adding a Viewport META Tag.

<meta name="viewport" content="width=375, initial-scale=1">


= ‘px’ used in SICF service to change the width of screen elements

3. Used a custom CUAAREA include to remove unwanted icons from CUA Area.

However, when we installed Wavelink browser, the screens do not fit. Please see attached images.


1. Is there browser detection capability in SAP ITS Mobile applications? I read on a blog from 2008 that it is not. Hoping that it's possible in 2015 😊.

2. Can we customize the application to display correctly on both browsers at the same time? We have used ~ITSMOBILEELEMFACTOR and ~ITSMOBILEELEMUNITS parameters to set the screen element sizes for IE. Can we set them differently for IE and Wavelink on the same ICF service?

3. We assumed that Industrial browsers such as Wavelink should automatically display the SAP RF applications without needing customization for fitting the screens. Has anyone got experience with Wavelink browsers for ITS Mobile?

4. We used Style MOBILE4 for our HTML templates. Does Wavelink work best with some other style?

Thanks and Best Regards,