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Jul 10, 2015 at 09:48 AM

Using Long Term Interactions/ Transaction in ADT Segmentation


Hi all,

We are trying to load data in this table CUAND_CE_IA_RT from SAP CRM and our scenario for deployment is D ( same database for yMKT and SAP CRM ).

Profile - All Contacts SCI - For Contacts , the full load reports works fine however same report is not loading data in interactions table CUAND_CE_IA_RT and hence no data is available in Contact Segmentation profile for Interactions.Please suggest if apart from doing initial set up is there any other step we may have missed.We have completed Interaction setting in SPRO.

Profile All CRM Customers - Similarly , we are trying to use opportunities in SAP_CRM_CUSTOMER segmentation object to segment customers in CRM Customer segmentation profile.Data from standard CRM tables is readily available during segmentation, however when we try to segment customers based on Oportunity type , Opportunity type value helo shows error with no data available in Process Type Field.If CRM and yMKT are sharing the db then standard attributes views and the data associated should be readily available for segmentation.

Please suggest what can be the possible issues with our set up?


Pratyasha Shishodia