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Jul 10, 2015 at 02:39 AM

Characteristics Derivation issue in KE24


Hello All Experts,

I am facing an issue of characteristics derivation.

When I am posting invoice from SD side “Product Code” characteristics is getting correctly fetched in KE24, but the same when I am posting an credit memo with respect that SO/Billing Document “Product Code is not getting fetched.

I tried testing “Derivation Rule” in KEDR it has the same behavior.

I can see “Credit Memo” billing type is maintained in KE4W and “Reset” is ticked but as far as I know it restricts updating value field in COPA and not “Characteristics”. But just weird possibility about this, is it because of KE4W that a characteristic is not flowing to COPA?

Else what is the decisive factor which bringing “Invoice Billing Type” characteristics in COPA and NOT “Credit Memo Billing Type”

My derivation of “Product Code” is based on –

  • Sales Order Number (700008999)
  • Sales Order Item (Line Item 010)
  • Batch (which is Material Valuation Type) (from Table MCHB 0000019869)

These above element/criteria works for Invoice and NOT in case of CREDIT MEMO!

Experts please guide if I am missing something here out to look at. Your guidance will be very helpful on this.



Note -

The linkage of Product Code is -

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) >>>>>> Valuation Type (Batch Number) >>>>>> Material (MATNR) >>>>>> Product Code

We have SAP VMS (Vehicle Management System) implemented, the source of VIN.