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Jul 09, 2015 at 10:04 PM

BEx Web Java (BW 7.4) Problem with Variable Dialog



We have encountered a strange issue when using BEx Web runtime in BW 7.4. (We are on SP9 on ABAP, SPS 9 Patch 20 of BI-BASE-S on Java side).

The scenario:

  1. We are able to execute a query in BEx Web Java Runtime and get the Variable screen.
  2. I am able to populate as example a variable on 0CALMONTH to '06/2015' and a variable on '0DIVISION' to '10' and execute.
  3. I get my results back.
  4. If I then click the button in the web template to open the variable dialog box back up, the variable values are present as always has been the behavior.
  5. However, if I attempt to open the F4 Input Help dialog to change the Calendar Month, the only value in the value list is now '06/2015'. Before going to 7.4, we would get a list of all the possible values.
  6. To work around this, I have to first then remove '06/2015' (or the Division value, the problem is on any Characteristic) and let the query run again, and then again re-open the variable dialog box, and I get the complete list of values (as is the case in step 2).

I've checked SAP Notes and nothing is coming up as a hit. I looked for any possible RSADMIN parameters that invoke this new behavior and also coming up blank. We are not sure if this is a bug but it sure feels like one.

Has anyone run up against this before? We've submitted an Incident with SAP but I'm just trying to work this in multiple channels.