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Jul 09, 2015 at 06:16 PM

Parallel processing using Asynchronous RFC issue


Hello all,

I have implemented parallel processing using ASYNCHRONOUS RFC i.e CALL FM.. STARTING NEW TASK PERFORMING zz AT END OF TASK.

This call is placed in a DO ...ENDDO statement so the FM is being called many times (at least 20 times ) in parallel.

The server on which these FM runs have 20 Dialog processes available but i see only 10 of them are being used. So basically even if there are 10 free WP, later 10 RFC calls are queued up. I obviously would want all the WPs that are free to be consumed .

Can someone tell me if how many RFC calls are to be called, is maintained in any system parameter in RZ11? If yes then what is that ?

My second question is in this case, later 10 RFC calls are queued up. can i see this queue anywhere ?

Appreciate any pointers here.

Thanks in advance.