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Jul 09, 2015 at 04:07 PM

SMux Provider: Physical Connection is not usable [xFFFFFFFF]


Hi All,

We have migrated our SAP Landscape 5 months back from HP-UX/Oracle to Windows 2012 R2 and SQL Server 2012 R2 SP2. The servers are VM (VMware 5.1) on HP ESX host. From past 3 months we have started getting below error which is very random. This is happening in SAP BI system.Jobs get cancelled with the message saying System Shutdown and on checking the SM21 logs it shows “operating system call receive failed (error no. 10054)”

The installation is distributed with DB on one host and CI & App on other hosts within same data center.

At the same time there is a dump in ST22

Things which we have already done:

  1. Checked the SNAC version which is same as the SQL version
  2. Increased the Keep Alive and Keep Alive interval for TCP/IP from 30000 and 1000 to 90000 ND 5000 respectivley.
  3. Increased the TCPMaxDataRetransmission to 10 on the DB server
  4. Checked the recommendation from VMware and HP regarding the network and power setting.
  5. Checked the resource utilization during the time of error and nothing abnormal is reported, which make me think that this can be specific to SQL server settings.
  6. The order of protocol enabled for SQL Server is Shared Memory (1), TCP/IP (2) and Names Pipes (3)

Scheduled niping with the option long Lan stability test, but there doesn’t seems to any drop. It can be because there was no such incident where the error occurred and niping was running, as the error is very random. Happened twice in April and then in Jul.

This issue is not happening in QA which is having same setting as Prod except for the fact that it is kept in different DC. Also we are not able to replicate the issue as an when desired as it is too random.

Any help or direction to troubleshoot will be a great help.




SM21.png (133.2 kB)
SM21.png (32.9 kB)