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Jul 09, 2015 at 03:50 PM

GW with BW Easy Query redefinition problem


Hey guys,

I've surfed all the web in order to find a solution for this but without luck, maybe somebody can help me here.

Landscape consists in two systems:

  • ERP with GW
  • BW

I want to make a redefinition of an EasyQuery done in BW and expose it using the GW.

After creating the RFC destination & system alias for BW I am able to add the generated service of Easy Query and it works just fine.

But in that way I can't have much control of the details. It is just exposing the attributes from the query into an oData, which is nice.

Anyway, I want to rename some of the fields and maybe implement my own logic in the service, but this is not possible with the generated service.

I was able to use SEGW -> redefine EasyQuery ... but when I reach the point to register the service it won't work.

I'm always getting the error message from below screen shot

I believe it is because the service is done on the local gateway and the model of the query resides in the remote BW system, but I would expect that SEGW can handle this using the RFC connection I've given in the first steps..

Am I doing something wrong here? I really appreciate your help, thanks in advance!

All the best,