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Former Member
Jul 09, 2015 at 02:33 PM

Authorisation to display incident message for a particular client in Sap Solution Manager


Hello SAP Solution Manager Experts,

I am using the ZMIN transaction type.

In the transaction PPOMA_CRM, my Organisational Structure is as follows :

  • Company (Organisation)
    • Service Desk
      • Cell 1
      • Cell 2
      • Cell 3
  • Client 1
  • Client 2

The Cell 1, 2 and 3 are the different teams present in the company. The client 1 and 2 can also have different teams attached to them but it is not included in the above organisational structure.

My requirement is that the teams of the service desk, client 1 and client can all create ZMIN messages. But, Client 1 should not be in position to see Client 2's created incident message and vice versa. But the company (Service Desk) should be able to see all the clients created message.

Can you help me of how can i proceed to achieve this requirement?

Thank you in anticipation for your usual help.

Kind Regards,