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Jul 09, 2015 at 12:22 PM

Reg: notification from measurment document using exit IMRC0001


Hi Team,

I am creating a notification based on the value in the measurment document using the exit IMRC0001.

Now i want to see what are all the notification which is created for the measusing point. Which i can see using the tcode IK17.

And for that i have linked the the created notification object no to the WOOBJ(Order Object No) in the IMRG table.

But the problem is some time in the imrg table if i see it also having the WO Object No in the WOOBJ of IMRG table (Normally in Standard WOOBJ will be having the reference of WO).

So in my case the flow i will exoplain here.

First Notification->Work Order(Equipment Linked and PRT as well)->Measurement Document(validation using Exit)->Notification Created

So now i want the linkage to both the Notification from Measuring Point.

How can i achieve this??

Please suggest.