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Jul 09, 2015 at 10:24 AM

Queries on Screen Personas


Dear Experts,

We are trying to implement Screen Personas in our company and have implemented SAP Screen Persona 2.0 SP3 in our Development client. Currently we have configured some flavors, done some scripting and have given a demo also to our end-users.While working on Personas and having read a lot of stuff about it on SCN and various other forums, we have the below queries or concerns for which i seek your expert advice or answer. Here we go:

  1. WebDynpro transactions are not supported in Personas 2.0. Does Personas 3.0 support the same?
  2. How to enable error message popup in Personas 2.0? What we have observed is that, if a transaction throws an error, Personas doesn't show the error message pop-up as it happens in SAP GUI for windows. Is there some setting that we can do?
  3. Is there any known limitation of Personas in downloading data to Excel file? We faced an ABAP error while downloading a report data into Excel. The same report is downloading to Excel without any issues in the normal SAP GUI (Windows).
  4. Is it possible to change the color of the Flavor Frame bar (the black colored frame on top of the Personas screen where all flavors assigned to a user a listed) ?
  5. I know it is too early to ask this question but still - Has anyone used Personas 3.0 (now GA) and found it to be superior to Personas 2.0 in terms of functionalities and performance?

Thanks in advance for your replies.