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Jul 09, 2015 at 08:23 AM

How to set URL encoding charset on Netweaver AS JAVA


Hi All,

Our project is a Java stack one deployed on Netweaver AS JAVA, now we encounter a issue.

When the front-end UI page sends a GET request to back-end system, and the request URL contains Chinese or Korean character parameter, for example: http://<host>:<port>/getProducts?$name=产品, when the back-end retrieve the name parameter by request.getParameter("name"), now the parsing result is a messy code. As far as I know, if we don't set the content type of the GET request, the default charset of HTTP request is ISO-8859-1, while the back-end system regards it as UTF-8, so the issue occurs.

At the same time, I found we could set the URL encoding charset on JBoss and Tomcat as below, and it could work well.

But I couldn't find how to set the URI encoding parameter or corresponding settings on Netweaver AS JAVA. If any help it would be very appreciate.

Thanks for your help and support!

Best Regards,



URIEncoding.JPG (30.9 kB)