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Jul 09, 2015 at 07:37 AM

Disable/enable dynamically a WD Enhancement @ runtime


Hi everybody,

just for the sake of curiosity... is anyone aware of a method that allows to dinamically turn off a WD Enhancement at runtime, on the basis of certain assumptions?

The real scenario is as follows; we implemented a lot of custom elements and routines by means of WD enhancement on a WD Component; lately, we found out that the same WD Component is also used for a specific scenario we didn't support until ...yesterday. 🤣

In this new usage, the WD dumps horribly as the context elements used in the previous scenario are not consistent w.r.t. our WD Enhancement, therefore I'd like to understand if it's feasible to activate/deactivate a WD enh at runtime.

Suggestions and hints are highly appreciated! ;-)