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Jul 09, 2015 at 03:24 AM

Approve Request App does not return any workflow item



For the Purchase order approval , we have Custom Workflow & Custom task implemented. For the task

Task Binding

The Scenario definition

Only one system Alias for the service

With this Custom Task & workflow I have configured the Approve Request application , when we run the app we got the following :

While the Inbox in ECC

When I check in Chrome the Network Tab give me following URL


If i open this URL , I got following

Another Point I noted when I run the url


In the Xml it shows be 2 workitems as appeared in Inbox.

Do I also need to configure "GBAPP_POAPPROVAL" service , If yes then how to put two Scenario while creating a tile ?

Or is their any config step , I am missing ?

Tile config are : Service URl : /sap/opu/odata/IWPGW/TASKPROCESSING;mo/ScenarioCollection?$filter=key eq 'Z_PO_APPROVAL'



Task1.JPG (22.3 kB)
Task Binding.JPG (29.1 kB)
Scenario Def.JPG (43.3 kB)
Scenario Def2.JPG (24.2 kB)
System Alias.JPG (17.6 kB)
App1.JPG (15.3 kB)
App2.JPG (27.0 kB)
Inbox.JPG (41.0 kB)
xml.JPG (72.5 kB)
Tile Config.JPG (33.4 kB)