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Jul 08, 2015 at 08:49 PM

Repeat delta has failed



For me delta failed due to source system error. So from psa, i made the QM status to red amd deleted that request. Now i am being asked if i want to run the repeat delta. So now its running repeat delta.

I went through many posts and documentation for this and few concept is still not clear.

Let say repeat delta fails again, for second time or third time due to source system error.

a)Am i going to face any loss of data due to this.?

b)How does the extractor pull the delta data? Does it always hits the repeat delta Queue first before delta queue to fetch the data?

c)As far i have understood, delta queue gets cleared after delta is run whether bw is successfully completed extraction or not. Am i correct?

d)Yesterday, i ran delta which was successfully completed. Delta queue is cleared and repeat delta queue will be populated with yesterdays data. Am i correct?

e) So today i run delta again which is completed successfully. So repeat delta queue which had yesterdays data is cleared and today's data will be populated in delta queue. Am i correct?

Thanks in Advance for your suggestions!