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Jul 08, 2015 at 07:10 PM

Reasons for Error 452: Invalid Backup_ID?


I'm investigating how to clean up (clean out) the backup/log/ directory on my HANA system after a log-full occurrence. I worked thru the instructions in V.Srinivasan's post on moving the folders, but the ALTER SYSTEM RECLAIM LOG didn't do anything for the backups.

In looking at the m_backup_catalog view, there are many entries that I'd like to purge but if I enter the backup_id numbers shown (minus the commas of course) when issuing a BACKUP CATALOG DELETE command, I always get an "Invalid Backup_ID" error back. Is there a trace I can look at for the underlying checks that lead to this error? The backup catalog itself has over 300,000 entries in it (with a slightly smaller but similar count in backup_catalog_files) and this seems excessive.

I'm also investigating the backup script that's been created and contributed (message thread 15594201) but am worried that if that leads to issuing the same commands the same error will occur.

The database in question is still in pre-production mode, so I'm running log_mode=overwrite and have no value in the log backups that have been taken, so I'd be satisfied if there was a way to just flush the old backup logs and go forward. I've seen all the dire warnings regarding using operating system commands to remove files, so I have not gone down that path.

I do have data backups and a storage snapshot from the current state of the system.

Thanks in advance for any insights or pointers,