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Jul 08, 2015 at 02:36 PM

How to display the same data in two different tables


Hi guys,

as part of my requirements, I've got to display some data into two different tables.

I've then created Form1 (containing Table1) and Form2 (containing Table2).

Table1 displays data correctly whilst Table2 is empty.

This is a well known issue in Adobe. In fact data is looped through when the first table is rendered and it's kind of consumed in the first pass. As a consequence it's not available any more in the second table.

I cannot create a new internal table in the interface because the back-end system is off-premise (don't have control on it) and, moreover, it's not an SAP system.

What can I do?

I thought about coding something like:


in order to clone the node I need to display twice. I don't know, though, what syntax to use to bind the newly created node ($.TaxExcemptReceipt[1][*] is not a valid syntax).

Any help?