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Jul 08, 2015 at 02:37 PM

Issue with associate LOV in IDT


Hi Experts,

I have Two issues with LOV

1. I have created LOV based on business layer objecs for yearweek(yyyyww) using some conditions to get yearweeks less than current week. And that is fine i get the result as expected(yearweeks less than current week). But when i associate this LOV with an object it behave strange. I am getting all the yearweeks (greater than current week also).

If i right click that object and click on show list of values it shows those values which is there in LOV which is fine,

but if i right click on obj and click on show values or use it in query it shows all the yearweeks ๐Ÿ˜”

2. I have created a LOV based on sql query in data foundation and I am able to see it in business layer(inherited). but if i want to assign this LOV to an obj it is not showing when i click on associate lov on an obj

We are on IDT 4.1 SP2

Please help!