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Jul 08, 2015 at 11:39 AM

load customer master with batch input RFBIDE00



I am having problem with batch input import method in LSMW - to be precise RFBIDE00 program.

So far I have successfully set batch input session to load data into tables (64 columns, some have NODATA slash indicator):

  • KN00 - Transaction Data
  • KNA1 - General Customer Master Record Part 1
  • KNB1 - Customer Master Record Company Code Data
  • KNB5 - Customer Dunning Data
  • KNVV - Customer Master Sales Data
  • KNVI - Customer Tax Data

My problem is:

Session keep stopping at the:

  • Customer Create: Contact Person screen => I just need to confirm that there is no data for this screen. I have tried to assign "/" character for the field at which session stops (this is: Recipient Type KNA1-J_3GETYP) but without luck (I have manually assigned "/" character for J_3GETYP)
  • The same is true for the Settlement Indicator field in KNA1-J3GABRKEN screen

Should I copy each field from tables mentioned above to my Data Migration Object template (in proper order) and fill not used fields with slash character. Will it work?

Eventually, is there any way to push Confirm (ENTER) when session stops?

Next I will import Contact Person (there could be several contact person per customer) and the same is with Partner Role => probably update Customer Master-Contact Person data with BAPI.

Please post experience tips for this task if there are some.

Thank you