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Jul 08, 2015 at 06:29 AM

Field "XXXXXX........XXX" ( Position 2 ): Field name is longer than 16 characters


Hai Experts,

I am facing an issue while activating the data source. I understand the field name in data source is more than 16 characters so I will have to reduce the length of the field name.

The problem is that ,

  • Also , I am building this data source by using the COPY option the existing data source ,since I don't to miss and fields(however the DB connect table name is changed).
    • Action taken: I tried to build a new DS where in I have given the DSO name in "Template" option. However is method is not useful since as they are few fields from the source system which is split into two different fields in DSO.

  • The DS built on DB connect hence unlike ECC I cannot make changes in Extract structure and replicate in BW side.

Ex: Source field (A) -> (B) and (C). (where with help of routines in transformation)..

I have read many post WRT to this tread , most of it speaks about ECC extractor structure, which does not help me since the DS is built on a DB connect.

Waiting for suggestions/solutions.


Shilpa Bhaskar