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Jul 07, 2015 at 08:20 PM

Delivery split issue for multi line STO with same delivery date



I have one STO (Stock transport order) with 3 line items.

All line items have same ship to party, route, transportation group, loading group, sending plant/storage location, receiving plant/storage location, partners, Inco terms etc etc. Delivery date is also same (08/23/2015) for all three line items.

Basically all the shipping criteria fields are same and there is no reason for delivery split to be happened. Then also when I ran VL10B transaction (only for this STO), system created three different outbound deliveries.

I ran the SAP supplied report "zle_analyze_delivery_split" on two of the deliveries and came to know reason for split.

SAP did split the deliveries in this STO because of fact the field EKET-UZEIT is different. Please refer to below images.

My requirement is, as long as delivery date is same for all three line items - system should create only one outbound delivery.

In other words, my requirement is that system should ignore this "Time" field for delivery splitting and should create only one delivery (with delivery date 08/23/2015) (This delivery date should not be changed to current or any other date).

For us, practically it does not matter whether first line item delivery time is 8:25:03, second line delivery time is 20:09:53 and last line item has time 20:02:54 - as they are ultimately going to be deliver on same day 08/23/2015

All these times in STO are not manually entered by user during ME21N/ME22N. These timings have come automatically from purchase requisitions which were created in APO. When purchase requisition gets created/changed in APO, that time gets populated in purchase requisition table


Instead of going into much details about how APO calculated this time etc, from ECC standpoint I want to setup something where I can tell system not to consider "Time" for delivery split as long as delivery date is same. If delivery date is different then I agree that system should create different deliveries.

Does anyone have done this in your company or client ? if yes then your response would be appreciated.

What master data, configuration, OSS note or copy control can be the best solution ? How to achieve this ?

Please let me know if any further details are needed from my end.

Appreciate all the inputs.


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