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Jul 07, 2015 at 02:47 PM

Finding foldername


hi all!

With the help of classes cl_send_request_bcs and cl_document_bcs we manage to send an email to an external email address outside our SAP system. When we add another email addres as reply email address instead of the name of the user which is sending the emailaddress

We cannot link the email object, which is created with the class CL_DOCUMENT_BCS, with another object.

For example an Purchase Order.

With the methods:


CALL METHOD cl_document_bcs->get_doctp


result = lv_mess_key-doctp.

CALL METHOD cl_document_bcs->get_docyr


result = lv_mess_key-docyr.

CALL METHOD cl_document_bcs->get_docno


result = lv_mess_key-docno.

CATCH cx_os_object_not_found .


We can receive some masterdata of the email. But i don´t know a method which returns the master data of the folder where the email is put into.

How can we find this folder data?

Also in the table SOFM there are no records if we send the email with another reply email address instead of the email address of the sap user which is sending it. If the send it with the email adress of the user as reply address an record is created in the table SOFM.

kind regards

Anton Pierhagen