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Jul 07, 2015 at 02:25 PM

SMP3.0 (on premise) + GW (on premise) + WEB IDE (Cloud) - Android - Check your connection data


Hello Experts,

I have followed all the steps to get a sample hybrid app (Flight GW services) ...

Here is what I have..

1. SMP3.0 SP07 Server installed on premise with SP08 SDK. Server is running.

2. Configured application with the backend to reach RMTSAMPLEFLIGHT.

3. SSO mechanism Technical user Basic. Authentication provider is default as in Getting Started with Kapsel - Part 2 -- Logon

4. Installed SAP WEB IDE 1.12.5 on cloud and configured device to deploy at SMP3.0 platform. localhost:8080

5. Installed Cloud connector 2.16 , configured virtual host & access controls. Virtual host is ED1:8000. Connection is established.Green dot shows.

6. Installed HAT and HAT connector is running.

7. Configured Destination on Cloud platform. lets say ED1GW. Connection is established.

8. Then I created a kapsel project with logon plugin & ED1gw destination. Device config is set for Android. Deployment to local smp3.0 is also successful.

8. Finally when I want to test on Android simulator, it says "Check your connection data".

I am giving host as local host, user id & pwds as in my GW system. Tried ports 8080, 8000, 8083 etc.but could not access the data.

But if I test the same in WEB IDE RUN option, I get the data.

Can you pls help me finish the last step.

BTW, what is the link between cloud connector virtual host & destination on cloud platform?




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