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Former Member
Jul 07, 2015 at 01:30 PM

Need to find Delivery(VL02N) Header text changes in Live streaming


Hi All,

Please help to get the Delivery Header Text changes in from VL02N.

Scenario: Currently we are creating Delivery Header Text in VL01N, now i'm capturing this data using a function module READ_TEXT, by providing fallowing details,

Text name,


Text ID,

Text Object. and Result is available in LT_LINES.

Problem: Now if we go and change this using VL02N , and again need to capture it, same function module READ_TEXT i'm using, but it's resulting the old data itself, but i need to capture the New changes for that Header text.

Please help to find the solution.

Thanks in Advance.


Text VL01N.JPG (55.4 kB)
Text VL02N.JPG (53.4 kB)