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Jul 07, 2015 at 01:13 PM

Multiple Alerts per Message


We've upgraded to AIF 3.0 SP1 last week (unfortunately SP2 came out just one day too late) and we're noticing that in some cases two alerts are created per message in error.

The first looks like this (containing the error messages WE raise):

Message with GUID 00000000199313280000000000000000 raised 2 message(s):


Ausnahme im Funktionsbaustein RP_RETROACTIVITY_GET: Änderung tiefstes Rückrechnungsdatum Zeit nicht mö.

Prozesslevel Ausführung fehlgeschlagen.


The second one like this (containing a general remark that errors occured, triggered by AIF):

Message with GUID 00000000199313280000000000000000 raised 1 message(s):


Fehler bei der Verarbeitung im AIF, siehe Transaktion /AIF/ERR


As you can see it referrs to the same GUID. Both alerts are triggered at exactly the same time.

Have you noticed something similar? I have debugged it once but it's not always reproduceable. Sometimes it triggeres two alerts, sometimes just one.

In addition to SP01 we have implemented the following notes related to AIF:

  • 0001844763 ALE: Integration of SAP Application Interface Framework
  • 0001856098 Performance otimization in the IDoc inbound queue (EDIQI)
  • 0002116591 Wrong value when AIF Analyzer is processed a second time
  • 0002123337 Short dump MESSAGE_TYPE_X when BAL_DB_SAVE is called
  • 0002135556 Inconsistent IDoc status
  • 0002138730 AIF Interface Monitor has negative 'In Process' number
  • 0002144871 Display response of a synchronous outbound service interface
  • 0002151669 AIF Runime: global variables are not correctly updated
  • 0002151693 BADI for message GUIDs in outbound proxy scenarios
  • 0002154138 Lock issue on value mapping transaction /AIF/VMAP
  • 0002159888 Error Handling Change Log does not display 'Old Value'
  • 0002161561 Error Handling: Edit IDoc payload does not work properly
  • 0002163088 Log message text missing in alerts
  • 0002166047 Customizing: Map IDoc Status to AIF Processing Status dumps
  • 0002172284 Correction report wrongly deleted application log
  • 0002172672 New interface fails to create application log sub object aut
  • 0002176628 Error Handling: Can't operate Data Message any more after ed
  • 0002177964 Error Handling: error "Data not found in table /AIF/T_FINF"