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Jul 07, 2015 at 10:21 AM Package not found in the Delivery unit (HCO_HBA_ECC) for SAP Fiori Smart Apps


Hi Experts We are deploying the Fiori Smart Business apps for Purchasing and are installing the delivery unit HCO_HBA_ECC for the package installation However we could not find this package in the delivery unit HCO_HBO_ECC.

We have done the installation and still could not see the right packages for supporting the Fiori SMART apps for purchasing .Now this could potentially be because of 2 reasons

1. The installation of the delivery unit was not carried out properly :- However the basis team has carried out the installation twice but still could not see the right packages.

2. The Packages are not part of this delivery units :- So if this is the case then what are the right delivery units.

I would really appreciate if we can get a prompt response on our query. Also if we could get some good document on the installation of these SMART Apps then it will be really helpful.

Thanks in Advance

Gunjan Ajmani


Hana1.PNG (10.8 kB)
Hana2.PNG (70.2 kB)