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Jul 07, 2015 at 02:21 AM

SAP HANA Model Validation and DataPreview Error


Dear Expert,

We get some trouble when Data Preview the build HANA Model on HANA rev 91.

Here is a sample CA view, quite simple, only 2 tables join together. And it works fine on the same HANA db with rev91 several weeks ago.

When clicking the data preview button, hana studio now did not generate the expected data preview window. When using the SQL editor to data preview the Calculation View, it automatically generate below ERROR and trying to find the BIMC_DIMENSION_VIEW under SYSTEM schema.
This is quite different than before! 🤯
Since my understanding when data preview HANA model, it should go to query the column view under _SYS_BIC.
And I try to manually query the column view _SYS_BIC.TRAINING.02_TextJoin/ZCA_TEXT_JOIN it still work.

Then I try to copy the HANA model to another CA named ZCA_TEXT_JOIN_001, make NO change, and activate the model again. The activation failed with below ERROR. ..

Repository: Encountered an error in repository runtime extension; Index $IDX$ out of range[$BEG$,$END$)

I also attached the related information in indexserver trace. BTW, this data preview error and activation error not only happened in this model.
All the other HANA model on this system, all have this issue. Seems like a system wide problem.

Let me known if you have any idea about this! Thanks a million. 😊