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Jul 06, 2015 at 01:52 PM

Report Conversion Tool BO BI 4.1 SP5 hangs


Hi all,

We have a problem the report conversion tool in BO BI 4.1 SP5 version.

Our environment is :

- Source : XI R2 SP2.2 / Oracle Database / Windows 2003.

- Target : BO BI 4.1 SP5 / Oracle Database / Windows 2008 R2.

We try to convert a Deski document with the help of report conversion tool :

- we can select the document in source environment

- we can click on the next step

- we can see that document is fully converted

But nothing happens then ! All the windows disappear ...

We can find the webi document in the repository : in the folder "Report Conversion Tool Temporary Documents", a new sub folder is created and the webi is available, and if we use this document, it is possible to refresh it.

We have done lot of tries :

- use of report conversion tool with source document in source environment and target BO BI 4.1 SP5 : KO.

- use of migration tool to put the source document in BO BI 4.1 SP5, and then, use of report conversion with BO BI 4.1 SP5 as source and target : KO.

- removal of report conversion tool on server and re-install of the tool, and try again : KO.

We use a very simple document, with only one dimension and one measure and a universe that's worked on BO BI 4.1 SP5.

I attach two files, find in log directory :

- for the first one, we use XI R2 as source and BO BI 4.1 SP5 as target

- for the second one, we use BO BI 4.1 SP5 as source and target

Have you ever encountered this type of problem on Report Conversion Tool in BO BI 4.1 SP5 ?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards.



LOG_2.JPG (151.5 kB)
LOG_1.JPG (140.2 kB)