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Jul 06, 2015 at 10:42 AM

Database Error and Repository gets outdated after unarchiving in SAP MDM


Hello All,

At present, we are working with SAP MDM 7.1 SP05 with Oracle as the database. Now that, we have upgraded the MDM system to SAP MDM 7.1.SP14 with MaxDB as the database, I want to archive my repository which was built in MDM 7.1 SP05 (Oracle) to MDM 7.1.SP14 (MaxDB).

I did the following to move my repository to the new upgraded version:

1. Archived the repository in MDM 7.1.SP05

2. Copied the archive .a2a file from Archives directory in MDM 7.1 SP05 (Oracle) and pasted it to archive directory in MDM 7.1.SP14 (MaxDB).

3. Mounted the MDM server.

4. Unarchived the .a2a file in MDM 7.1.SP14 (MaxDB).

After the Unarchive process, the repository gets displayed in the Console, but the status of the unarchived repository in console is displayed as "Outdated"

So, I tried updating the repository by clicking the Update Repository option from the context menu in Console. When I do so, it throws an error message " Database command execution error. A SQL statement could not execute. The actual error may have been written to a log file."

I am not getting any clue as to what is the issue here.

Request your advice to solve this issue.

Best Regards