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Jul 05, 2015 at 07:41 AM

Setup table filling


Hi Experts,

I have a question with regards to setup tables fill up for 2LIS_03_UM.

-Initially deltas from 2014 have been setup for 2LIS_03_BF's and data has been loaded to a Custom-DSO. Later data from 2004-2013 has also been loaded to the custom DSO. Now 2004-2013 data should be loaded to 0IC_C03 from DSO for BF data.

-2LIS_03_UM deltas from 2014 have been setup. Now I need to fill setup tables for data from 2004-2013. I'm going to fill the setup tables using Company code, fiscal year fields. This data should be loaded to 0IC_C03. Inorder to do this, as a first step I have deleted the setup tables for app.component 03 using LBWG as I found 20 records in setup tables related to 2LIS_03_BF.

As a second step, I am trying to fill up the setup tables for 2LIS_03_UM. However I am getting them message that "DATASOURCE 2LIS_03_BF HAS STILL DATA TO BE TRANSFERRED". I couldn't proceed further.

So, my questions here are

1. Do I have to request ECC downtime in order to fill the setup tables. (Remember, I only intend to fill up for 2LIS-03-UM.)

2. "DATASOURCE 2LIS_03_BF HAS STILL DATA TO BE TRANSFERRED" is the message I have been receiving while trying to fill up for 2lis_03_um. What does this mean? Is this somehow related to unprocessed requests in SM13. Or is this being encountered as the deltas are running(daily twice) and they are queued up.

Please suggest me what needs to be done here.