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Genifix / Current WWI version / Options?

Dear all

long ago this discussion took place:

According to my understanding the WWI environment has been updated so that the old "genifix" option is now supported using WWI. But there are some questions. May be the community can help.

My understanding of the old "genifix" solution is like:

1.) there is a SAP process running in the background which dispatches new released raw reports to the "Genifix" server; mainly this was "label" related

2.) Now if SAP system would be down the Genifix server can still be used to print something. My understanding: the whole design was more or less "label" oriented (but I am not sure about this)

I would like to ask now about the current WWI options. Using the most current WWI version and after proper set up of windows server my understanding is now that you have a WWI related "DMS". This should help to handle "print requests" coming from GLM.

But I still miss kind of "high level" picture on this option. I hope that somebody can help:

Is this WWI archicture only related to "GLM" solution?┬┤and there fore can not be used in context of SDS/MSDS printing (e.g. SAP system is down; raw reports are on WWI server (in local DMS) and the "final" report can still be triggerd (how ??) so that the docuemtn wil get be generated either as RTF or e.g. pdf file


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