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Customer fields in BP

Hi all,

my system is SAP ERP 6.0 and i created new fields in table BUT000, and now i would like to display them in BP transaction. How can i do that ?

I tried to use EEWB transaction, but it does not work, the customer table does not display :

Thanks for any help


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3 Answers

  • Posted on Feb 01, 2017 at 10:44 AM

    Hello Eric,

    well this is hard to say without being able to check the extension on your system directly. Initially you should check if the project is generated successfully, i.e. check your project in transaction EEWB and on the left side open all tasks and check if they are green.

    If there is any error then please let me know which error, maybe there is a coding correction missing. If there is no error then we would need to check further, maybe you can raise a support ticket in that case?

    Best regards


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    Posted on Feb 01, 2017 at 01:47 PM

    Hi Thomas, below the list of installed Software Component Versions, I hope this will help you :

    SAP_BASIS 702 16SAPKB70216 Composante de base SAP

    SAP_ABA 702 16SAPKA70216 Composante inter-applications

    PI_BASIS 702 8SAPK-70208INPIBASIS SAP Basis Plug-In

    ST-PI 2008_1_700 14SAPKITLRDN Plug-in d'outils SAP Solution

    IW_BEP 200 12SAPK-20012INIWBEP Backend Event Provider

    SAP_BS_FND 702 6SAPK-70206INSAPBSFND SAP Business Suite Foundation

    SAP_BW 702 8SAPKW70208 SAP Business Warehouse

    SAP_AP 700 22SAPKNA7022 SAP Application Platform

    WEBCUIF 701 5SAPK-70105INWEBCUIF SAP Web UI Framework

    SAP_APPL 605 5SAPKH60505 Logistique et gestion comptable

    SAP_HR 600 64SAPKE60064 Gestion des ressources humaines

    SAP_HRCAR 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCAR Sub component SAP_HRCAR of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCAT 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCAT Sub component SAP_HRCAT of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCAU 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCAU Sub component SAP_HRCAU of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCBE 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCBE Sub component SAP_HRCBE of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCCA 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCCA Sub component SAP_HRCCA of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCCH 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCCH Sub component SAP_HRCCH of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCCN 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCCN Sub component SAP_HRCCN of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCDE 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCDE Sub component SAP_HRCDE of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCDK 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCDK Sub component SAP_HRCDK of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCES 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCES Sub component SAP_HRCES of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCFI 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCFI Sub component SAP_HRCFI of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCFR 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCFR Sub component SAP_HRCFR of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCGB 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCGB Sub component SAP_HRCGB of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCHK 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCHK Sub component SAP_HRCHK of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCID 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCID Sub component SAP_HRCID of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCIE 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCIE Sub component SAP_HRCIE of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCIN 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCIN Sub component SAP_HRCIN of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCIT 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCIT Sub component SAP_HRCIT of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCJP 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCJP Sub component SAP_HRCJP of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCKR 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCKR Sub component SAP_HRCKR of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCMX 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCMX Sub component SAP_HRCMX of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCMY 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCMY Sub component SAP_HRCMY of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCNL 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCNL Sub component SAP_HRCNL of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCNO 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCNO Sub component SAP_HRCNO of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCNZ 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCNZ Sub component SAP_HRCNZ of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCPH 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCPH Sub component SAP_HRCPH of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCPT 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCPT Sub component SAP_HRCPT of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCRU 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCRU Sub component SAP_HRCRU of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCSE 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCSE Sub component SAP_HRCSE of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCSG 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCSG Sub component SAP_HRCSG of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCTH 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCTH Sub component SAP_HRCTH of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCTW 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCTW Sub component SAP_HRCTW of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCUN 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCUN Sub component SAP_HRCUN of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCUS 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCUS Sub component SAP_HRCUS of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCVE 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCVE Sub component SAP_HRCVE of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRCZA 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRCZA Sub component SAP_HRCZA of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRGXX 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRGXX Sub component SAP_HRGXX of SAP_HR

    SAP_HRRXX 600 64SAPK-60064INSAPHRRXX Sub component SAP_HRRXX of SAP_HR


    EA-APPL 605 5SAPK-60505INEAAPPL SAP R/3 Enterprise Extension PLM, SCM, Financials

    EA-DFPS 600 19SAPKGPDD19 SAP Enterprise Extension Defense Forces & Public Security

    EA-FINSERV 600 19SAPKGPFD19 SAP Enterprise Extension Financial Services

    EA-GLTRADE 600 19SAPKGPGD19 SAP Enterprise Extension Global Trade

    EA-HR 600 64SAPKGPHD64 SAP Enterprise Extension HR

    EA-HRCAR 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCAR Sub component EA-HRCAR of EA-HR

    EA-HRCAT 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCAT Sub component EA-HRCAT of EA-HR

    EA-HRCAU 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCAU Sub component EA-HRCAU of EA-HR

    EA-HRCBE 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCBE Sub component EA-HRCBE of EA-HR

    EA-HRCBR 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCBR Sub component EA-HRCBR of EA-HR

    EA-HRCCA 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCCA Sub component EA-HRCCA of EA-HR

    EA-HRCCH 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCCH Sub component EA-HRCCH of EA-HR

    EA-HRCCN 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCCN Sub component EA-HRCCN of EA-HR

    EA-HRCDE 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCDE Sub component EA-HRCDE of EA-HR

    EA-HRCDK 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCDK Sub component EA-HRCDK of EA-HR

    EA-HRCES 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCES Sub component EA-HRCES of EA-HR

    EA-HRCFI 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCFI Sub component EA-HRCFI of EA-HR

    EA-HRCFR 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCFR Sub component EA-HRCFR of EA-HR

    EA-HRCGB 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCGB Sub component EA-HRCGB of EA-HR

    EA-HRCHK 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCHK Sub component EA-HRCHK of EA-HR

    EA-HRCID 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCID Sub component EA-HRCID of EA-HR

    EA-HRCIE 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCIE Sub component EA-HRCIE of EA-HR

    EA-HRCIN 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCIN Sub component EA-HRCIN of EA-HR

    EA-HRCIT 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCIT Sub component EA-HRCIT of EA-HR

    EA-HRCJP 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCJP Sub component EA-HRCJP of EA-HR

    EA-HRCKR 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCKR Sub component EA-HRCKR of EA-HR

    EA-HRCMX 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCMX Sub component EA-HRCMX of EA-HR

    EA-HRCMY 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCMY Sub component EA-HRCMY of EA-HR

    EA-HRCNL 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCNL Sub component EA-HRCNL of EA-HR

    EA-HRCNO 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCNO Sub component EA-HRCNO of EA-HR

    EA-HRCNZ 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCNZ Sub component EA-HRCNZ of EA-HR

    EA-HRCPH 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCPH Sub component EA-HRCPH of EA-HR

    EA-HRCPT 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCPT Sub component EA-HRCPT of EA-HR

    EA-HRCRU 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCRU Sub component EA-HRCRU of EA-HR

    EA-HRCSE 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCSE Sub component EA-HRCSE of EA-HR

    EA-HRCSG 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCSG Sub component EA-HRCSG of EA-HR

    EA-HRCTH 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCTH Sub component EA-HRCTH of EA-HR

    EA-HRCTW 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCTW Sub component EA-HRCTW of EA-HR

    EA-HRCUN 600 0- Sub component EA-HRCUN of EA-HR

    EA-HRCUS 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCUS Sub component EA-HRCUS of EA-HR

    EA-HRCVE 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCVE Sub component EA-HRCVE of EA-HR

    EA-HRCZA 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRCZA Sub component EA-HRCZA of EA-HR

    EA-HRGXX 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRGXX Sub component EA-HRGXX of EA-HR

    EA-HRRXX 600 64SAPK-60064INEAHRRXX Sub component EA-HRRXX of EA-HR

    EA-PS 600 19SAPKGPPD19 SAP Enterprise Extension Public Services

    EA-RETAIL 600 19SAPKGPRD19 SAP Enterprise Extension Retail

    FINBASIS 600 19SAPK-60019INFINBASIS Financials Basis


    ERECRUIT 600 19SAPK-60019INERECRUIT Recrutement en ligne

    FI-CA 605 5SAPK-60505INFICA FI-CA

    FI-CAX 600 16SAPK-60016INFICAX Etendu FI-CA

    INSURANCE 600 16SAPK-60016ININSURANC SAP for Insurance

    IS-CWM 600 16SAPK-60016INISCWM Solution m굩er gestion des articles ࡰoids variable

    IS-H 600 19SAPK-60019INISH SAP Healthcare


    IS-M/AMC 3.0 7SAPK-30007INAMC IS-M/AMC 3.0 Advertising Management Classified



    IS-UT 600 16SAPK-60016INISUT SAP for Utilities/Telecommunications

    LSOFE 600 19SAPK-60019INLSOFE SAP Learning Solution Front-End

    SEM-BW 600 19SAPKGS6019 SEM-BW : gestion stratꨩque de l'entreprise

    GBAPP002 600 12SAPK-60012INGBAPP002 GBAPP002

    SRA001 600 9SAPK-60009INSRA001 Approuver contrats d'achat - Composant d'intꨲation protocole de donn꦳ ouvert

    SRA003 600 4SAPK-60004INSRA003 Crꦲ calcul des frais de d걬acement - Composant d'intꨲation OData

    SRA012 600 5SAPK-60005INSRA012 Les d걥nses de mon service

    SRA013 600 7SAPK-60007INSRA013 Crꦲ commandes achat depuis demande achat validꥠ- Composant intꨲation OData

    SRA016 600 8SAPK-60008INSRA016 V곩fication du prix et de la disponibilit頭 Composant d'intꨲation OData

    SRA017 600 8SAPK-60008INSRA017 Crꦲ commande d'achat - Composant d'intꨲation de protocole de donn꦳ ouvert

    SRA018 600 7SAPK-60007INSRA018 Suivre statut commande achat - Composant d'intꨲation protocole donn꦳ ouvert

    SRA019 600 5SAPK-60005INSRA019 Suivre expꥩtions - Composant d'intꨲation de protocole de donn꦳ ouvert

    SRA020 600 9SAPK-60009INSRA020 Statut de la demande d'achat (En cours de traitement, Approuvꥩ

    SRA021 600 8SAPK-60008INSRA021 Factures client - Composant d'intꨲation de protocole de donn꦳ ouvert

    OTEXBAS 1000_700 1SAPK-30401INOTEXBAS OpenText Archiving and Document Access f

    OTEXVIM 700 6SAPK-70006INOTEXVIM Open Text Vendor Invoice Management 7.0



    RWD 4500_700 0- RWD Context Sensitive Help

    ST-A/PI 01S_700 1SAPKITAB7R Servicetools for other App./Netweaver 04

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    Posted on Feb 24, 2017 at 08:31 AM

    No idea ? :(

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