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Jul 03, 2015 at 02:30 PM

CIF Sales Order Types from ECC to APO and plan with SNP Heuristics


Hi Experts,

How to CIF different sales order types from ECC to APO. For example, one Sales order with order type ZAB1 and other Sales order with order type ZAB2. The order type ZAB1 is going to have higher priority than ZAB2 and we need to have that differentiation while planning in APO SNP.

What are the prerequisites that are needed to maintain in ECC for the sales order types before CIF'ing to APO to plan with SNP Heuristic.

When both order types are entered in APO, they are displayed as a Sales Order (demand element) in Product View.

Now, how is SNP Heuristic going to differentiate between these Sales order types (as mentioned above ZAB1 having higher priority, needs to plan separately). Do we need to maintain (few of my thoughts) new APO category, category group, Key Figure, Requirement Strategy etc.,??

I really appreciate your help and to share ideas on this topic.

Thanks & Regards