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Jul 03, 2015 at 10:14 AM

One WHO for each Source HU


Dear guru I need an help in order to cover the following scenario: for whatever reason the content of a shipping HU, that in staging area, have to be reassign to a new ship to.

In order to do that Warehouse Operator crates in ECC an Outbound delivery that corresponding at product level and quantity to the content of each pick-hU that is the shipping HU. This ODO has a special priority in order to determine a WPT that search goods in just only storage type.

In EWM he perform the unpacking process, in order to have the pick-HU and he perform the Cancel Picking process; at the end he moves the pick-HUs in a dedicated storage type.

After he creates a WTs starting from the news ODO; system search stock in storage type, and creates a WTs and the corresponding WHOs, based on customizing settings.

I'm not able to customizing the system in order to creates one WHO for each single Pick-HU from which I have to piick.

Help is appreciate

Thanks in advance