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Jul 02, 2015 at 09:36 PM

Retro Time Evaluation


Time has been entered and approved up until Friday 5/22/15. Then on 5/31 the end of the month rules process to determine the total number of hours for pay in efforts to pro-rate the holiday credit they will receive on 5/25/15 ( Memorial Day).

Now on 6/1, after the EOM rules have run, a time recorder went back into the time sheet to enter more time for the days of 5/26 - 5/29. The addition of these hours increases the total hours for pay and subsequently increased the amount of pro-rated holiday credit the employee should receive.

If I run a time evaluation from 5/22 - 5/31, does time evaluation re-calculate time for EVERY day in that date range? Or does it only pick up the "changes" or the new time that was posted on 6/1? I ask because when a time eval was ran for that date range, it picked up the additional hours that were posted, but it did not re-calculate the pro-rated amount of holiday credit. I read somewhere that SAP does not automatically re-calculate time pairs that are already in the table, so you must perform a forced re-calculation. With that said, could that explain why the pro-rated holiday credits were not updated? Because there was already a value in the table for that day and therefore time evaluation would not re-calculate unless a force recalculation was performed?