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Jul 02, 2015 at 07:58 PM



HANA Gurus,

I am struggling with the concept of SAVEPOINT and Shadow page in HANA. The question I am trying to ask is:

Does the SAVEPOINT makes the HANA DB consistent.

What I am trying to understand is that what happens to undo data or Shadow Pages which have old data after SAVEPOINT.

According to HANA documentation SAP HANA always perform a SAVEPOINT operation before starting the backup. Therefore, there is no technical need to apply logs after restoring from backups. The SAVEPOINT operation makes the database backups consistent.

I am coming from an Oracle background where you need to apply some logs if you are restoring from an online backup to bring the database in consistent state. Restoring only from online backup in Oracle without applying any logs does not restore Oracle DB to an consistent state.

Thanks in advance for your response


Nasir Syed