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Jul 02, 2015 at 04:26 PM

Reversing service entry sheet for service po


Hi Expert,

For service PO (Item cat D), if invoice posted and payment run completed and money encashed , can we reverse the entry sheet?

Here is my problem:

Service PO is for qty 100.

Entry sheet entered

SES 1 20

SES 2 30

SES 3 50

Invoice and payment run completed for everything, fully paid.

INV1 20

INV2 30

INV3 50

Now, vendor gave credit for 15 due to some business reasons.

We entered CREDIT MEMO on SES1 for 15,

PO History shows like this now

GR Total 100

Invoice total 85

SES Total 100

Question 1: Since I have credit of qty 15, can I entered service entry sheet for qty of 15.

Question2: Can I reverse the SES 1 since the invoice if fully paid and encashed?

Question 3: When I get credit from vendor for service PO like this scenario, should I enter this as Credit Memo or Subsequent Credit?

Ay advise will be highly appreciated.