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Jul 02, 2015 at 04:10 PM

Role Matrix



I need to extract the data in given below format:

Composite role --> Child Role--> Transaction code.

I use tcode SQVI to join two tables AGR_AGRS and AGR_1251 to obtain the data but i'm not getting data in desired format.

Idea was: i will join table AGR_AGRS and AGR_1251 and i will use single role from both tables as primary key to join them.
So that i can use repesent data by using fields comp. role (AGR_NAME) , single role(CHILD_AGR) from table AGR_AGRS
and single role(AGR_NAME) and auth. object (OBJECT) = S_TCODE with values (LOW, HIGH).

Problem is : under table AGR_AGRS , composite role represent with field name AGR_NAME and child role (single role) with CHILD_AGR.
Under table AGR_1251, single role reperesnt with field name AGR_NAME. So same child role (single role) field represent with different field name in both type. Tables are getting joined based on AGR_NAME from both tables.

Kindly suggest the tables or method or both so that i can get the data in desired format.