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Former Member
Jul 02, 2015 at 01:57 PM

ME23N field BSART changes when button Display/Change (F7) is pushed


Hello experts,

I am facing a problem with the transaction ME23N (display purchase order). I run ME23N and I choose a purchase order (PO). This PO has a Document Type (BSART). The problem which I am facing is that when I push the button Display/Change (F7), the order type of the PO changes. I mean that the PO, the vendor, etc remains being the same but not the order type. If I push the Display/Change (F7) button again, the Document Type (BSART) gets the original value, the same as it had at the beginning. It only happens to me with particular Document Type (BSART). If Document Type (BSART) of the PO changes, it always changes to the same value. I show an example below:

1) Execute transaction ME23N

2) I enter a PO which has ZCD as Document Type (BSART)

3) The Document Type (BSART) ZCD is displayed correctly in the header

4) I push the Display/Change (F7) button and the Document Type (BSART) changes into ZDEV.

5) I push the Display/Change (F7) button again and the Document Type (BSART) changes into ZCD, its original value.

I would like to highlight that this problem does not happen in the ME22N. Moreover, It only happens for those PO sharing the same Field Selection key (BREFN).

Thanks in advance, best regards.