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Jul 02, 2015 at 02:07 PM

Where-Used not working? (ADT 2.44.2 Luna)


Hi there,

after not finding anything in the search, i'll try my luck.

I am trying to use the Where-Used List in Eclipse:

My main programm looks like this:


INCLUDE /wue/mm_pur_rel_orgstruct_top. "Top

INCLUDE /wue/mm_pur_rel_orgstruct_s01. "Selection Screen

INCLUDE /wue/mm_pur_rel_orgstruct_d01. "Class Definitions

INCLUDE /wue/mm_pur_rel_orgstruct_p01. "Class Implementations

INCLUDE /wue/mm_pur_rel_orgstruct_i01. "PAI

INCLUDE /wue/mm_pur_rel_orgstruct_o01. "PBO

INCLUDE /wue/mm_pur_rel_orgstruct_f01. "Forms


w_ekorg = /wue/if_cc_ekorg=>c_e002.

START-OF-SELECTION. * Initialization Drag and Drop

PERFORM init_dragdrop_left.



Like it is used to be in wue/mm_pur_rel_oprgsctruct_f01 there are several forms and now i want to use Where-Used on the form "add_leaf_left" which is used in another form in this include. As used from SE80 i excpect that it shows me the line of code in this include but Eclipse only shows me the main programm and sets a marker on the INCLUDE-command (See below or attachment).So the question is: Is it "works as designed", "not working" or "dude you forgot to press button [enterbuttonhere]" ๐Ÿ˜‰?

I know i can just select the variable and select the Where-Used with the bar on the right side of the Editor (don't know what's the correct term but the bar where you see errors as little red bars, warnings yellow etc.) but that is nothing compared to the overview in SE80 and it is only searching in the same Include so that's not the best option.

Best Regards