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Jul 02, 2015 at 08:16 AM

Unable to see pdf file in Chrome browser


Hi all,

In my web dynpro application, I uploaded and saved a PDF file in a ztable with a field data type RAWSTRING. My PDF file is saved and I'm able to preview it( See on the Same Screen) with help of UI Element 'Interactive Form' in Internet explorer. But if i run the same application in Google Chrome, i'm UNABLE to preview my PDF and even i'm NOT ABLE to view the UI Element 'Interactive Form' on my Google Chrome browser. If I open the link, it is directly asking me to Save the PDF file. I think there is some settings to be changed in Google Chrome. Any Solution please..

refer below images.. first image is from IE and second image is of Google Chrome..


1-ie.JPG (46.6 kB)
2 gc.JPG (14.6 kB)