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Jul 02, 2015 at 08:10 AM

How can i send data into ByDesign with a Soap Web Service?



I want to send some Soap Requests with SapUi5 (javascript) into ByDesign. I have created a web service in the Cloud Application Studio and i tested it with the SoapUi tool. It works fine with SoapUi, but i can't send the xml envelope, which i get from the SoapUi tool , to ByDesign. I always get an 401 unauthorized error. I tried jquery and ajax to send the xml envelope to my web service but there must be something wrong with my header so i can't authorize myself. Is there anybody who can help me sending data into ByDesign? Maybe you have some tipps or examples how i get through the ByDesign authorization. Is there another way to send data into ByDesign?

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