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Jul 02, 2015 at 03:30 AM

Queries in logon group and SMPT mail server


Dear All,

I have two queries in logon group and SMTP mail server-

1.Is it possible to give preference to a certain user to login to particular logon group/reserve one user from a list of maximum users allowed to login to a particular group or all users in a logon group has same preference(eg in scenario like if the number of users set for a particular logon group frequently reaches threshold or about to reach the threshold and there is a user assigned to this logon group which should always be allowed to login can we have some kind of configuration change to achieve this like reserve a particular user from the list of maximum users/threshold set for the particular logon group).

2.Can we filter the mail sent from SAP system in the mail server,same as we do in scot->adress type for node where we can mention the address and to those mentioned address only system can send the mails.Similarly can we set such kind of filter in the mail server even?

Thanks & Regards,