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Jul 01, 2015 at 10:26 PM

After transport, SMARTFORM does not appear in table STXFADMI


I created a SMARTFORM in DEV Its name is: ZAAF_REG_AF3_V05

I used this SMARTFORM in a program. The program and the smartform work fine.

I requested a transport to QAS for this form.

The transport was succesful.

In QAS i use the transaction SMARTFORMS to verify the existence of my SMARTFORM

My SMARTFORM appears:

But my program does not work and does not show my smartform.

I debug my program. The program work well until it calls the smartform

When the program calls the smartform it stays idle....

With transaction SE11 I explored the table: STFXADMI

In QAS the table STFXADMI does not have my smartform ZAAF_REG_AF3_V05:

In DEV the table STFXADMI does have my smartform ZAAF_REG_AF3_V05:


Why my smartform does not appear in STFXADMI

Why my smartform does not work in QAS?

Thank you in advance.


01-smartform.PNG (33.0 kB)
02-smartform.PNG (29.6 kB)
03-smartform.PNG (35.8 kB)