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Jul 01, 2015 at 10:19 PM

How to remove double counting of STO in ATP Scope of Check B in ECC


Hi Dears,

We were facing an issue, wherein the ATP Scope in ECC for B had "Include Sales Requirement" due to which the Sales Orders/ STO's were visible in both A as well as B & hence double counted in B; Subsequent Delivery creation was being impacted with Error throwing up as "Only 0 quantity available, item will be deleted"

We have since then unticked the "Include Sales Requirement" from ATP-Scope check B & now Sales Orders don't show up in B.

However STO's are still visible in B.

Can someone plz guide us, how do we remove STO's from being double counted in ATP-Scope-Check B?

i.e "What setting's in ATP Scope in ECC has ZGIA & ZGIE (STO Order types) mentioned to be included in In/Outwards movement check?



Customer Orders were Earlier Visible in B, which are now no more visible after we made the changes:

So far so good -- SO are now fine -- But problem is with STO's

We expected that STO's would also get removed from double counting in B, but it didn't 😔

Its still showing in A as well as B 😔 and leading to that error "0 quantity available & item would be deleted" -- error comes when we try to create Delivery.

Why do we remove these ?





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