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Jul 01, 2015 at 07:51 PM

Forecast zeroed out in MD04


Hello All,

We have an issue in our Production system that is wiping out the forecast (VSF) in MD04. Here is the detailed information.


We plan at a weekly level and release the forecast using a Period Split / DF of 20% each work day to ECC.

Lets say week 1 forecast is 100 pieces in APO, in ECC MD04 / MD63, we see 20,20,20,20,20 each day monday through friday provided there are no holidays that week.

But in our system, the current week's forecast is wiped out. It also wiped out every Monday's forecast in the future till 2016 and giving some random numbers on fridays.

This morning however, the monday's and fridays issue is fixed but we still have the current weeks forecast zeroed out. We made sure that the orders did not exceed the forecast and were not consumed.

In addition to that, we also noticed that there is a discrepancy between MD04 and MD63 views for the same product. There is forecast in the MD63 view but there is no forecast in the MD04 view. Please advice.

We also had similar issue on April 1st 2014, April 1st 2015 and this week. The first two days were also holiday weekends. Any input on this is highly appreciated.