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Jul 01, 2015 at 03:36 PM

SAP-Carrying Forward Agent (Partner function structure)



I am trying to create a sales order with a Carrying forward agent as a partner function.

This is the first time i am working on it.

Most of my friend told i should create C&F as a customer.So i did as suggested.

Also with reference to this thread i tried to replicate.

In the partner determination the standard partner function CR was deleted in my IDES system,so i copied Vendor partner VN and created as ZZ.

so my ZZ will be as below,

Partner Partner type Error SUP

ZZ LI 08

So i created two customer numbers 16-End customer and 17 as carrying forward agent.

Now when i created a sales order,in the header level i entered the partner function as below,

Partner NO SP 16 BP 16 PY 16 SH 16 ZZ 17

Now the system is throwing message as below,

Partner function ZZ is not defined in partner procedure N ()

Message no. VPD003

I could not rectify the error.I was checking for whether i have don mistake in determining the partner process

Then in the place of 17,i entered the number as 1000.To my surprise i was not getting any area.

I was little confused so i went into XD02 & keyed in 1000 found that description of what is appearing for customer number 1000 is different.

Then i went into XK02 and keyed in 1000,now the description of customer number what i keyed in sales order matches.Means it picks only the vendor ,so i could understand the below logic(Structure)

Partner Partner type Error SUP U ZZ LI 8

The partner LI plays a major role.The reason why i am sharing this is ,this would be helpful for person like me.Is there any corrections also please let me know.

Can any one please share what would be structure for CR. Because i need to know to ,is my assumption correct.


Pradeep M